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Being in a motor vehicle accident or another type of accident can cause you to suffer from painful injuries. These personal injuries in Olathe KS can lead to you being unable to enjoy your life and might stop you from being able to do your job. Some people might automatically turn to pain-relieving medications to help with the injury, but this can only do so much and won’t help to correct the underlying issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury in Olathe KS

Turning to a personal injury chiropractor in Complete Care Chiropractic KC can help you to get relief from the effects of the injury while also working to address the misalignments in the body that are contributing to the pain you are feeling.

If you have suffered a personal injury, get in touch with our chiropractic clinic, Complete Care Chiropractic KC, at (913) 815-8076.

Is chiropractic care a comprehensive treatment?

Complete Care Chiropractic KC treatments for the injuries that come because of an accident are often part of a multifaceted treatment plan. This can include care from other medical professionals. You don’t have to forego treatments from your doctor just to have the care from a chiropractor. Personal injury treatment Complete Care Chiropractic KC must put your needs first, even if multiple medical professionals are involved.

What can I expect during a visit?

During a visit to Complete Care Chiropractic KC after a car crash, you can expect to have an examination. Imaging tests might be performed to determine the extent of the issues that you need to have corrected. Our chiropractor will discuss the accident and your injuries with you to come up with a plan to address those problems.

Some people worry about what the adjustments will be like because they’ve seen them on television or in the movies. These adjustments aren’t painful. It is possible that you might feel a little soreness from them, but the relief you feel from the injury-related pain is greater than the slight twinge you might feel.

How long will I need care?

Complete Care Chiropractic KC is comprehensive, so you will feel some relief after the first visit but you won’t feel the full effect of the care. It can take multiple visits for you to start to feel your best. Even then, continuing care through regular chiropractic visits is advisable because these visits can help to keep your body functioning optimally.

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