Do You Have Upper Back Pain in Olathe KS?

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Upper back pain in Olathe KS is a problem that many people experience. It can be caused by many different things, including improper posture, hunching over for extended periods, and muscle spasms. At Complete Care Chiropractic KC in Olathe KS, we see and treat many patients that experience this ailment every year.

Causes of Upper Back Pain in Olathe KS

This type of pain affects nearly everyone at some time through life. In most cases, the pain is temporary and can be relieved through over-the-counter pain medications or changing sleeping or working positions and ergonomics. When left untreated, back pain can cause other muscles in the area to tense up and also be in pain. This chain reaction leads to headaches, interrupted sleep, and other ailments. While most of the time the pain is caused by muscle strain or a misaligned spine, in other cases, it could be caused by osteoporosis, arthritis, or other conditions.

Upper Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care focuses on treating back pain through a series of body manipulations. During the first visit, you will be asked about your medical history and specific symptoms constantly present or that come and go. After listening to what is bothering you, our chiropractor will conduct a physical examination followed by an upper spine X-ray, if necessary, to confirm a diagnosis of your condition. Once this is complete, treatment can begin.

Chiropractic manipulations focus on gently adjusting the spine and neck joints to improve mobility, reduce pain and inflammation, and enhance nerve function. Sometimes spinal decompression methods are used in addition to massage therapy techniques to help your body in its natural healing functionalities. Our team can show you how to prevent upper back pain in the future.

Modern Chiropractic Care Works with Your Body

While we all have the same anatomy, everyone is different in how their bodies currently move, what they’re used to, how their spines are aligned or not aligned, and more. There are several different ways a chiropractor can help treat and correct your issue. When this is done through spinal alignments in both the upper and lower body, many patients find the pain and other cases they were previously experiencing dissipate or disappear altogether.

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Upper back pain affects many people, but not all upper back issues are the same. The good news is that no matter what is causing your pain, Complete Care Chiropractic KC in Olathe KS can figure out what it is and resolve it for you. Don't give up until you've let us take a look at it. Call us today for an appointment!

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