Sports Injury in Olathe KS

sports massage for faster sports injury rehabilitation

A sports injury in Olathe KS can be very painful and cost time at work. Many medical professionals prescribe invasive procedures, like surgery or injections, to encourage sports injuries to heal. The experienced chiropractic staff at Complete Care Chiropractic KC in Olathe KS can deliver effective chiropractic treatment that is non-invasive and helps to promote natural healing.

Common Types of Sports Injury in Olathe KS

The greater Kansas City area is full of athletes and others who enjoy active lifestyles. Many types of sports and sporting activities make it possible to suffer a minor or even a serious sports injury. Many sports injuries could cause soft tissue damage, orthopedic injuries, broken bones, and dislocations. Even minor injuries could cause you to miss time from work or cease participating in enjoyable activities.

Whiplash is a good example of a sports-related injury that affects those who do not play sports. Whiplash usually happens when taking a sudden and unexpected blow from the side or rear. A quarterback taking a hard hit from behind is a good example of a whiplash injury in sports. A driver taking a hit from the side or behind is a common example of a whiplash injury to someone who does not play sports. No matter the cause, chiropractic care can help to promote natural healing and pain relief.

Common Chiropractic Treatments for Sports Injuries

A variety of chiropractic treatments can help you to overcome the effects of a sports injury or other commonly suffered injury. Spinal manipulation can help to properly align displaced vertebrae and ease pressure on a slipped disc. Massage therapy can help to reduce inflammation and swelling while relieving pain and encouraging natural healing.

Trigger point massage can focus on a very specific area that is causing pain from swelling and inflammation that is affecting soft tissue. Electrostimulation helps to flood afflicted areas with red blood cells and the oxygen that they carry to promote faster natural healing. A variety of treatments are very effective and proven for a variety of sports injuries and other afflictions.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Chiropractor for Sports Injury Treatment in Olathe KS

If you or someone that you know in the greater Kansas City area recently suffered a sports injury, we can help. Please feel free to contact Complete Care Chiropractic KC in Olathe KS online or by calling to schedule an initial appointment with our licensed and experienced chiropractic staff. We can provide a variety of treatments that help you to heal naturally. And most health insurers cover our services.

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